Tuesday Tidbits, September 28, 2010

As a part of this week’s Education Nation activities, see this Education Nation Scorecard, which allows “families to navigate the education system by providing useful, easily understandable information about performance at individual schools, as well as in districts, states, and the nation as a whole.” Seems to me just a re-branding of the Great Schools site – but I need to poke around in it to see what might be new.

Do you know the Guys Read website, from author Jon Scieszka? Tons of suggested books for boys.

Found another piece on parent involvement from a past place of work, The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement. It “highlights the ways in which selected high-performing schools incorporate parent and community involvement in their efforts to increase student achievement.”

See this CNN clip on star chef Todd Gray’s visit to DC’s Murch Elementary School, from Michelle Obama’s initiative that has chefs adopting schools to promote healthy eating.

I plan to write more about project-based learning and the rich student work that can come from it. Until then take a look at this sample of student work from schools that implement the Expeditionary Learning design – work that is authentic and real world-focused. These final products show a deep engagement with the material and a deep desire that the work have impact beyond the schoolyard.

Lastly, had a brief back and forth with a friend about interactions with her child’s new teacher, which have been very positive. I particularly liked that this teacher sends home weekly “Ask Abouts,” prompts for parents to ask the child about what’s happening in class. The teacher sees it as a way to generate responses beyond the standard “How was your day?”/”Fine” exchange. Great idea.

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