Parent involvement

See this piece from a past place of work. Called What Schools Want Parents to Know, it “summarizes five important points about involvement that every parent should know:”

  1. Multiple studies show “that the involvement of parents and families in the schooling of their children makes a significant difference:” those children are “more likely to earn high grades and test scores, enroll in higher level programs, and be promoted.”
  2. “For parents, being involved doesn’t have to mean being at school every day. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the school at all.”
  3. Parents need to think of themselves as clients or customers of the school and school district, and like any consumer-based enterprise, “schools do better when they hear from customers with questions, comments, and constructive criticism.”
  4. “Many schools have changed their view of involvement from the notion of ‘parent as helper’ to ‘parent as partner’ by developing ways to share decision making,” and studies “indicate that creating these opportunities encourages parent involvement and may even have a positive effect on” achievement.
  5. “High-performing schools are student centered,” with those that work in them concentrating fully on the needs of students. The same should be true of parent-school relationships – focused on the needs of students.

Not terribly earth-shattering, but it’s good to be reminded. See the bibliography at the bottom of the piece if you want to dig more deeply.

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