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Dubai, its schools, and the Common Core

I was in Dubai for a week at the start of November, presenting at a conference and visiting several private schools in that emirate, and before it gets too deeply lost in my memory, a few thoughts on that experience: … Continue reading

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Arguing in science lab!

I’m unsure what Mr. Jacobs, my high school physics teacher, would’ve thought about us arguing in science lab. As much as I liked him and that class, he was a pretty by-the-book kind of guy. But argument sure would’ve made … Continue reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Back-to-School Night

A quick Friday post – and much thanks to my parent peeps that helped with the below: 1. Don’t ask us to fill out a handout that asks questions such as, “Is there anything that you’d like to share with … Continue reading

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Developing good question-askers

I’ve been mucking around with the Common Core State Standards and have fixated on this English/language arts standard, part of the speaking and listening standards for grades 9 and 10: SL.9-10.1c: Propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that … Continue reading

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Opportunities for American Indian Education

My recent article for ASCD. You can also see it here. With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, states and districts have worked to determine the alignment of their current curriculum and instructional materials to the standards, but … Continue reading

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States and Districts Use Online Video for the Common Core

My latest article for ASCD on the Common Core State Standards. Go here to sign up for ASCD’s Common Core-focused newsletter. Each day, it seems, new products and services come to market that aim to help teachers with the Common … Continue reading

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