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Revise Back to School Night

Back to School Night last week, and it felt the same as those other Back to School Nights the last seven years: Very unsatisfying. As I think is typical in other school systems, parents got the schedule of their child … Continue reading

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The Lakeland Way

And here’s my third article on the Common Core for ASCD. You can also see the article here and sign up here to get ASCD’s Common Core-focused newsletter. Enjoy! At Lakeland Joint School District 272, in Rathdrum, Idaho, teachers, staff, … Continue reading

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Whiteboards and helping students get organized

Last year, I visited a school that had teachers do something that I thought, at that time, was a little too Stepford Wives-ish: At the front of each classroom in that building, the whiteboard was configured in the same way, … Continue reading

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