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Students keeping organized with online tools

Let me rant once again about teachers using different tools for learning and their impact on kids (such as our own): It is frustrating and, worse, detrimental in their attempts to keep organized. You might remember this post from two … Continue reading

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Revise Back to School Night

Back to School Night last week, and it felt the same as those other Back to School Nights the last seven years: Very unsatisfying. As I think is typical in other school systems, parents got the schedule of their child … Continue reading

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In real time

The other day, my wife made a comment about the time that orientation starts at my son’s new middle school. The kids are to report at 7:50 in the morning, and she wondered aloud about this time’s oddness, its disconnect … Continue reading

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Last week, my son’s fifth grade class put on the show Oklahoma. This show and those that had come before are part of an annual year-end ritual at our little elementary school, the fifth grade musical. The show was double … Continue reading

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More on transitioning from elementary to middle school

At this post, I re-purposed research that colleagues had done at The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement, on the issue of transitioning from elementary to middle school, and I want to return to it. My wife and I … Continue reading

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