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Mucking around

I want to attend Gever Tulley’s Tinkering School, a summer camp during which kids build things. Here’s his TED talk on the place: It reminds me of what a former colleague said once about elementary school science class – at … Continue reading

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Parent involvement

See this piece from a past place of work. Called What Schools Want Parents to Know, it “summarizes five important points about involvement that every parent should know:” Multiple studies show “that the involvement of parents and families in the … Continue reading

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Posting student work

I got a question from a friend (and parent) about student work on the hallway walls of a school building and told her that original student work should be all over the place – as long as what is posted … Continue reading

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Beginning of the school year

The school year has begun, and that first meeting for and with parents – maybe Back to School Night, maybe some other evening event during the first week – always tells me so much about a school, the school’s leader, … Continue reading

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